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  •  Our GST Compliance Software is designed for use by Enterprises and Banks.
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GO4GST Services Private Limited (GO4GST), a wholly owned subsidiary of Velocis Systems Private Limited (Velocis), is focussed on developing a software product for Enterprises and Banks to enable them to meet their GST compliance.
    • Velocis has over 25 years of experience in IT networking and software development. Velocis is also active in the software development under e-governance initiative of Government of India. In 2017, Velocis became a GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) when the first batch of GSP were appointed on the advent of Goods and Service Tax regime in the country. Details of Velocis are as under:
      Turnover (INR Crores)
      Point of presence offices (nos)
      CMMI Certification Level
  2. GO4GST:
    • GO4GST has a proven track record, having worked with small, medium and large enterprises across industries namely PSU, banks, manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, transport, media and IT services. Details of GO4GST are as under:
      R1 Invoices (Lakh nos)/month
      API Hits (Lakh nos)/month
    • GO4GST is trusted by reputed brands. Some of them are:


GST Compliance requires a basket of software products.
  • GO4GST software is RUGGED & RESILIENT and works well on Large Data Sets of PSU/Large Enterprises and Banks.
  • We have segmented our offerings into 4 broad categories detailed below. It brings out the features which GO4GST offers and our value proposition.

GSTR 3B, Recon and GST Returns

Accuracy and Maximizing ITC

Where compliance meets convenience
1. Complete GST Filing:

GO4GST provides a seamless platform for filing GSTR-1, GSTR-3B, GSTR-6, GSTR-7, GSTR-8, GSTR-9, and ITC-04 returns, covering all your GST filing requirements.

2. Efficient Data Processing:

We fetch and process data from GSTR-2A, GSTR-3B, and GSTR-2X, essential for the GST return filing process.

3. Error Handling:

GO4GST has developed a robust set of validation and verification rules to efficiently handle exceptional data import errors.

4. Unique Accounting Use Cases:

We specialize in handling unique accounting use cases that often arise in areas like Credit-Debit Note (CDN), Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM), Amendments and Imports.

5. Reconciliation Excellence:

Our powerful algorithms for reconciliation have achieved an impressive efficiency rate of over 97%, ensuring the accuracy of your GSTR-3B returns and helping you maximize ITC according to GST Law.

6. Rule 37, 38, 42, 43, Section 17(5)

We have the reversals in GSTR-3B under the above Rules/Section.

APIs for Everything

(E-invoice, E-way bill, GSTRs)

Where Connectivity Meets Possibility
ERP Integration

SAP, Oracle, MS

Seamless flow of Data
1. Seamless Integration:

GO4GST seamlessly integrates with leading ERP systems, including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and Finacle, streamlining your business processes.

2. Enhanced Collaboration:

Our ERP integration fosters collaboration between CFO and CIO teams, making their workflow more efficient.

3. Flexible Integration Methods:

We offer integration options through secure File Transfer Protocol (sFTP) or APIs, ensuring that your data is exchanged effortlessly between your ERP system and GO4GST.

Automation and Customization

Functional and RPA

Tailored to your success


   We work to be    YOUR RELIABLE COMPLIANCE PARTNER  . We deliver a human experience in a fast paced digital world.
  1. GO4GST team endevours to close all tickets by end of day. Our Helpdesk provides functional and on-boarding support. L1 and L3 technical support is available.
  2. GO4GST also provides managed services for GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B filing.
  3. We stay connected with our users. Emails, categorised as 4 different types as below, are sent to users as per defined periodicity and role.
Business Boosters

GO4GST Features@Simplified

Monthly:On 20th
Deployment Dossiers

Release Summary

Monthly: On 3rd
Compliance Conformance

CFO emailer : R-1, R-3B

Fortnightly: On 12th/27th
Attention & Alerts

Downtime Information



Our assurance with respect to GO4GST product and services:
 Rugged and resilient: GO4GST performs well on large data loads
 Accuracy: Accurate and on the right side of Law software
 Powerful Reconciliation: Optimized algos for high efficiency and best results
 Maximize ITC: Improve your Working Capital availability
 Vendor Management and Rating: Saves time and coordination efforts. Reduces defaults.
 Workflows: Enterprise grade
 Automation: Leverage RPA to automate GST Compliance
 Customization: Products for PSU/Banks/Enterprises. Bespoke functional customizations
 Integration: Enriched API Integration with all ERP-SAP/Oracle/MS
 Hosting: Powered by AWS. Hosting on Saas, Private cloud and On-premisis
 Reliable Support: Dedicated helpdesk, functional support, L1/L3 technical support
 Managed Services: GSTR-R1 and GSTR-3B Filing


The top FAQs that are asked are:

1. How can one partner with GO4GST? 
2. What is GSP/ASP GO4GST Software? 
2. What is the difference between a GSP and an ASP? 


We look forward to connecting with you.
  1. Join us and be a part of the 2000+ GSTINs who have adapted GO4GST for their GST Compliances. During our connect call, we will cover:
    • Walk-through on features like GST Reconciliation, E-Invoicing, E-way Bills, etc.
    • Overview of various methods using which we can integrate with your ERP system.
    • Discussion on custom requirements to come up with a solution and pricing that suit you.
  2. If you are a Chartered Accountant, Tax Consultant or an ERP Imlementation Partner, we would like to associate with you to create a winning partnership!.
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